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FAQ's     2002       (Questions & Answers)
VIDEOGRAPHER ON LOCATION to shoot your segment

* There are changes for 2003. Changes will be posted
here as the 2003 Symposium event unfolds.

Here are a few highlight new features for 2003:
1. Showcase talent will submit a tape or CD before signing up.

2. There will be new workshops for music business, artist and performing
talent, and workshops for finding your niche and going pro. These are
in addition to Nashville hit songwriter workshops, and workshops by
Nashville publishers and record labels.

Watch for ads and announcements in NO DEPRESSION MAGAZINE
and AMERICAN SONGWRITER MAGAZINE as we get closer to August.
> The $15 gets me guaranteed showcase stage?
Yes. 12 - 15 minutes is yours.  CUT OFF AT 96 SHOWCASES. 

> Are there discount tickets?
Yes. NARAS (Grammy) members get $50 off.  Songwriters Guild of America (SGA), 
Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI), and Trowbridge Members also
get the $50 savings.  (Join Trowbridge Members FREE) 

> Will there be a backup band?  Do they read charts?
Yes, Nashville session players are available. Telephone or email to 
make arrangements to hire the band. There is a guitarist/keyboardist 
available for backing up singers. They read number charts or chord 
charts.  (You may want to tip him $20 - $25 or so.)  
> Can I bring my own backup/showcase band?
Yes. There is a 16 x 20 stage with lights, sound, and setup for a 9-pce 
band with vocalists. Most bass and guitar players play through their 
own amps, so have them bring this gear.  If you bring a drummer, have them 
their own kit.

> 1. Since I am a singer and songwriter do I need to enter both
> categories?
Only if you want. The Writer categories showcase and judge your songs (all original
songs only).  The Talent/Artist/Band categories showcase and judge your performance,
talent, and stage presence. 

> 2. If you enter a category are you limited to one song/
Showcases are scheduled for 15 minutes each, giving you time
to adjust mic and sing 2 - 3 songs. 

> 4. Can I use the tracks from CD (without the vocals of course)?
Yes. We'll be set up for you to sing to your CD tracks. Plan on bringing a CD 
track to sing to, or plan to play your own guitar - keys - accompaniment.  Call (615)
 902.0509 for last minute questions and details.

> I am a gospel music writer.  Will there be anything, seminars, workshops, 
>etc. in the gospel category?
Yes, there is a gospel music workshop scheduled with discussion, examples, and

> While I have 3 songs submitted to you, I currently do not have anything signed.  I
>would like for my wife and me to attend, do I qualify for the discounted price?
You qualify for the Trowbridge Members discount price if you are a Trowbridge
Songwriter Newsletter subscriber, Writer, Associate, or Member.  Join MEMBERS FREE on  
You also may sign up for the free Songwriter Newsletter and qualify
 for the Trowbridge discount. 

Other members who get the discount are NARAS (The Recording Academy),
AFM (American Federation of Musicians), SGA (The Songwriters Guild of 
America), NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International), and any 
university, college, or school official student with ID. 

Grand Ole Opry passes are reserved in Gold Circle seats if available. If Gold Circle are 
not available, you get a refund of the difference in ticket price (about $10.)  RESERVE

Showcase slots are first come - first served, with a limit of two Talent and two Writer, 
per person.  Cut off is 96 so submit and reserve your showcase spot now. 


If you are chosen as a finalist, you showcase again Sunday.  If you attend on a one-day
 pass, and you are a finalist, attendance Sunday is no charge. 

100% refund for cancellations within 48 hrs.  Cancellations through 30 days from 
event date,  50% refund.  We're sorry, no refund on lodging, Grand Ole Opry, or 
Country Music Hall of Fame.  No refunds after 30 days before event date. 

[Policies subject to change.]

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