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Guest Speaker - Bart Herbison, Executive Director NSAI
Copyright Law changes and ramifications for songwriters in the digital era. Keynote speaker from the Nashville Songwriters Association International.

Guest Speaker - TBA -
Radio and webcast reform. The need for reform in Performing Rights Organizations (PRO's). and Napster; issues for listeners and webcasters; independent and major label artists.

What It Takes To Succeed In This Business Of Music
How to succeed in songwriting and recording arts careers. Some "do's and don'ts". How attitude, perspective, and longevity effect your career.

Recording Arts Reform: Issues
Industry spokespersons and recording artists maintain record label contract reform is essential to fair treatment and just payment for artists. In-depth discussions and reports on the Recording Artists Coalition (RAC);   Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) - who they are and what they represent;   California Labor Code, Section 2855   and Lobbying, Congress, and Reform.

Trowbridge Seminar: Directions and Salutations
McClure & Trowbridge Publishing company highlights, new directions, and awards. Discussion. [Trowbridge Associates and Writers only]

Evolving Topics - TBA
Relevant topics and issues in the evolving songwriter business landscape.

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