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VIDEOGRAPHER ON LOCATION to shoot your segment

* See last year's winners and changes in their careers after attending the Trowbridge Symposium 2002 in awards 2002

* There are new features for 2003. Changes will be posted here
as the 2003 Symposium event unfolds.

Here are a few highlight new features for 2003:
1. Showcase talent will submit a tape or CD package before signing up.

2. There are new workshops for music business, artist and performing
talent, and workshops for finding your niche and going pro.

These are in addition to Nashville hit songwriter workshops, and workshops
by Nashville publishers and record labels.

Watch for ads and announcements in your favorite mags and NO DEPRESSION MAGAZINE and AMERICAN SONGWRITER as we get closer to August.

Writer and talent/artist/band showcases run all three days Friday - Saturday - Sunday. Award show and trophies Sunday. Industry representatives will be present.

Register with ticket purchase and at Symposium entrance.
[Stage fee $15/showcase] Cut off is 96 stagings, first come first served. Make your reservation early.

You may showcase in as many categories as you like, in 15 minute slots. Stage is 16 x 24 with lights, microphones and CD player. You may sing to tracks, accompany yourself with your instruments, or bring backup players. Accompanyists are available.

Talent showcase contestants may stage a full band.
See details in FAQ's Questions & Answers

Writer - Country/Americana
Country category. Includes roots,, Americana, bluegrass. Semipro writer showcasw. (Less than three songs released or licensed.)

Writer - Latin, jazz
Latin and jazz category. Semipro writer showcase/competition. (Less than three songs released or licensed.)

Writer - R&B, gospel hiphop
R&B category. Blues, R&B, hiphop. Semipro writer showcase/competition. (Less than three songs released or licensed.) [No gangsta rap. The Symposium is a family event.]

Writer - Rock, A.C.
Rock and adult contemporary category. Semipro writer showcase/competition. (Less than three songs released or licensed.)

Talent - Country/Americana
Talent/band showcase for country,, roots, and Americana.

Talent - Latin, jazz
Talent/band showcase for Latin and jazz.

Talent - R&B, gospel hiphop
Talent/band showcase for blues, R&B, hiphop. [No gangsta rap. The Symposium is a family event.]

Talent - Rock, A.C.
Talent/band showcase for alt.rock and adult contemporary.

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