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APPLY for audition review to showcase SSNI Star Search Nashville Intl. You may apply for a maximum of two (2) subcategories or categories. Applications are accepted online and your EPK materials audition to SSNI review panel. Review audition is competitive and showcases are limited.

Complete the application form below, and click "SUBMIT". Pay your Review fee VISA/MC. SSNI reviews and auditions your Myspace page or EPK materials. Applicants receive email and/or telephone notice of audition (review) status.

Application for SSNI Star Search Nashville Intl
Form Appform-2.5g       JULY 2011, Star Search is on location Nashville TN

Note! Do not include sensitive information, such as your credit card number or social security number, in this email form.

Complete every item. Incomplete forms may be discarded. When you are finished completing this Application form, push SEND at bottom ONE TIME, and pay Review processing fee VISA/MC.


How did you find SSNI * Star Search Intl? (check all that apply)
email Google Yahoo From a friend Saw a brochure or flyer Craigslist online Pageantry Magazine Pageant Other place online (where?) Other magazine (which one?)   I found SSNI this way

I plan to showcase at SSNI * Star Search Intl & Workshop Symposium July 2011 YES   NO
I plan to attend Nashville School of Music private music performance school the week before SSNI YES   NO (You may attend BOTH SSNI * and Nashville School of Music and showcase 1/2 price at SSNI.) Register for Nashville School of Music here.
I am my 1'st time at SSNI   Returning SSNI alumnus   NSM student   Returning NSM alumnus

I have read and understood DISCLAIMER YES   NO

  Career     Youth (Under 18 years of age)
"Career class" showcases are evaluated purely on the basis of merit and talent.
"Youth class" showcases are evaluated against all attending minors under 18 years of age, on the basis of merit and talent.

  Model     Music Artist (Artist/Singer/Intstrumentalist)     Dancer     Songwriter     Band (Band/Choir/Combo/Duo)    
You may apply for a maximum of two (2) showcases, in any field and category. Pay separate Application review fee for each field and category.

You may apply for a maximum of two (2) showcases, in any field and category. Pay separate Application review fee for each field and category.
Category (Select up to two only.)
Model (runway, child, teen, adult, large) Dance (all forms) Pop, rock, Broadway Gospel Country, Americana R&B, hiphop* Latin, jazz, instrumental, worldbeat
*[No gangsta rap. SSNI * Symposium is a family event.]

Full Legal Name  
Name you prefer / Pseudonym / Stage Name  
Street 1
Street 2
City     State/Province
Country     Postal Code
Your age  

Permanent (best) Email:
Second Email (if any):
Myspace URL: (begin with http://   Complete only if you have your own Myspace page)
Website URL: (begin with http://   Complete only if you have your own website.)
I have an EPK   Yes     No

Best Telephone:
Message Telephone:

Favorite recording artist    
Favorite celebrity of all time    
Favorite dancer/singer/songwriter/band in your category    
My biggest inspiration is    
Do you perform? Where?    

Where I hear music (check all that apply)   iPod / mp3   Church   CDs   Radio   Internet   TV   Concerts/Live   Listen with friends Other - I hear music here
Instruments I own  
My hobbies  

To help us better select contestants, please answer this question:
"Why Should We Select You To Be In The SSNI * Showcase?"
Please limit answer to text area shown below

Payment Method:
VISA/MC Phone Mail check/M.O.


My parent has read and understood DISCLAIMER YES   NO
Parent: Please print and sign Disclaimer. Mail it if your minor is approved to showcase. You must attend with your minor.
Parent or Guardian Name (Youth class only)  
Parent Telephone Numbers  
Parent Address  
Parent City / State / Zip  
Youth age  
Ages 17 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Name of parent attending with you  
Your school  
Your grade  
Music/drama/art teacher name    
Favorite teacher    
School / Teacher Email (if you know it):
School URL (if you know it) (Start with http://):
School Telephone: () -
School Address     School City     School State/Province
  School Postal Code

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Next go to the SECURE SHOPPING CART to complete your REVIEW PAYMENT.

NOTE! If you can't submit this email form from your computer, you may copy and paste into an email and send it to nashschool @ Be sure to enter "SSNI * STAR SEARCH APPLICATION" as your Subject.


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