Live CD recording on location
Music videos - Photographers

"Best Of Show" Trophy WINS A MUSIC VIDEO & TV promotion/rotation - and a Music Row master recording session.

"Best Song" Trophy wins a PUBLISHING CONTRACT and a Music Row master recording session.


Tickets & Registration

Career 18 years of age and over
Youth/Student Under 18 years of age

Artist Singer, instrumentalist
Dancer All dance forms
Writer Songwriter, lyricist, composer
Band Band, choir, combo, duo

CATEGORIES (Styles or genres)
All forms of dance, including Classical Tap, Contemporary Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Ballet, Pointe, Modern, Song and Dance, Musical Show, Novelty/Character, Clog, Acrobatic, and Hip Hop. Prepare a 5-minute routine to music. You may use the entire 12 or 15 minute showcase if you like.

All types of Gospel including contemporary gospel, gospel soul, traditional gospel, Southern gospel, R&B gospel, contemporary Christian, bluegrass gospel, Christian rap, and so on.

All types of Pop, including pop, rock, Broadway, AC, and so on.

All types of country, Americana,, and roots. (Roots includes bluegrass, Western swing, Cajun, country blues, Appalachian, . . .)

Includes all R&B, hiphop, soul, blues, rap, duwop, and so on. [No gangsta rap. The Symposium is a family event.]

Includes all Latin, jazz, instrumental, and worldbeat. (World, folk, Cubano, merengue, salsa, TexMex, Latin pop, Latin rock, Mariachi, norteno, cumbia, African, and so on.)
[Subject to change.]


> Will showcase schedules be posted anywhere?
Yes, the SSNI Programme link is made available to you Star Search Nashville  
Programme as we get closer to the event.  Final Programme is made and posted 
about one week before event launch.

> This is my first Nashville showcase. Where do we stay?
Stay at the event hotel with the special SSNI package rate.   Hotel information here.  
Lodging info.  
Register for your Hotel rooms and banquet dinners in the secure shopping cart.  Room reservation numbers are emailed and/or voiced 
to you close to the event time.

Tour Nashville attractions while you're in town!  See RCA Studio 'B', BMI and ASCAP, SONY, and Curb Records.  Tour Lower Broad
 "the Riverfront District" with the Hard Rock Cafe, Legends Corner, Ryman Auditorium, Country Music Hall of Fame, Tootsie's Orchid Lounge, 
and "Music City" attractions. 

> If I am approved to showcase, do I have to accompany myself or can I sing 
> to tracks (CD)?
We are set up for you to sing to your CD tracks or accompany yourself, or play with a 
live band.  (Last year most applicants performed to tracks.)  You can also accompany 
yourself, bring musicians, or hire Nashville players to back you.  Perform the way you 
are most relaxed.  (Contact us to help hire a live Nashville band or accompanyist.) 

> The showcase is guaranteed 15 minutes?
Yes. 15 minutes is yours.  Symposium reserves the right to adjust time to 12 or 
15 minutes. Plan on 1 minute to adjust the mic and say hello.  This leaves time for 3 - 
4 songs or about 13 - 14 minutes, for most people. If you are staging a band, you will have additional time for setup.  If you have a 12-minute 
showcase, plan for 3 average length songs.  

> How does the sound work?
There is a sound crew / stage coordinator at the stage who follows your directions 
and sets you up to showcase. See this person at the stage to make your 
arrangements.  The sound itself is vocal and instrument microphones on stands, and DI's (direct ins) on a snake.  (Live bands contact 
us for stage plot directions.)  Mic's are on boom stands and may be held in your hand as you perform.  

> Do we get tickets or how does that work?
Buy your General Admission passes online for friends, family, and fans.  Contestants, 
your Registration includes the 3-day General Admission pass and Banquet dinners.   You 
receive an eTICKET via email so watch your email carefully.  Print out your eTICKET. 
Check in when you enter the event, and get your badge.  You may confirm registration by 
email or telephone if you like.  Bring your payment receipts with you to SSNI 


Passes include three days of excitement and fun with showcases, career workshops, 
refreshments and snacks, Symposium executive panel discussion, executive judges, 
video/TV filming, live CD recording, glamour shots publicity photos, and a few exhibits.
Executive judges and other professionals in attendance typically scout talent.  No 
> I have friends and family who want to come see me showcase.  Can they come
> too?
Yes, General Admission passes are very inexpensive 3-day Thursday through Saturday - with Award Presentation and Banquet 
on Saturday evening.  Everybody gets in Saturday for just $5.  Youth passes are discount 3-day.
Children are free, except Saturday everyone is $5 cash.  General Admission admits
you to all workshops, exhibits, and to view showcases and attend seminars.  

> May I invite industry people to see me showcase at the event? 
Yes.  One SSNI showcasee (Rocky) was signed to a record deal this way.  
Contact us with the industry person's company, name, title, phone, and complete 
information. We will make arrangements for the person gratis. 

Record labels, song publishers, and artist agency talent scouts attend and are looking 
for great new talent.  Although there are no guarantees, you may be signed.

>Who are the judges?
There is a panel of executive industry judges.  Judges are kept anonymous until SSNI
commencement, but we can tell you they are Nashville and entertainment industry 
professionals and executives from publishing companies, record labels, management 
agencies, and talent agencies.  Complete judging details are announced throughout the 
event.  Do not speak to the judges or hand them materials, you may be disqualified if you 

>I just want to attend the career workshops and maybe a songwriter critique.
>Can I do this, and what will it cost me, if I can?
Of course, everybody is welcome to attend workshops and watch the 
showcases.  Get your General Admission passes here for all workshops and seminars. (Meals, Hotel, and 
banquet dinner are extra.) 

> Will there be a backup band?  Do they read charts?
There is a guitarist/keyboardist, onsite, available for backing up singers. They 
read number charts and chord charts.  Make arrangements ahead of time so they can learn your material.

For backup bands and accompanyists, call (615) 504.8432 and give your name, number, 
and say you want to hire a backup band for your showcase.  We will put you in 
touch with top Nashville session players to play your showcase with you. They 
play all styles of music, from R&B and gospel to country, rock, and pop.  

> Can I bring my own backup/showcase band?
Yes. There is a 12 x 16 stage with lights, sound, and setup for up to a 5-piece 
band with vocalists and instrumentalists. Have your bass player, guitarist, 
and keyboardist bring their own amp, or they can plug into the DI snake and 
play through the SSNI sound system.  If you bring a drummer, 
have them bring their own kit.

* NOTE! Live bands perform at a predetermined day and time.  We 
recommend bands prepare at least ONE SONG to sing to tracks for video/TV filming. 
** NOTE!  Call to make arrangements for staging bands and choirs. 

> Since I am a singer and songwriter do I need to enter both
> the Songwriter and Artist fields?
Only if you want. The Songwriter field showcases your songs (original
songs only).  The Artist field showcase your performance, talent, 
and stage presence.  Artist is for singers and instrumentalists.

> If you enter a category are you limited to one song?
Showcases are scheduled for 15 minutes, giving you time
to adjust the mic and sing 3 - 4 songs, or 14 minutes of performance (average.) 
(SSNI reserves the right to adjust the length of showcases if necessary.)

> Can I sing just one song? 
Yes.  You have more time, but you don't have to use it. Some people perform 
one or two songs and this is fine.  Others like to reserve two showcases back-to-back 
and perform 25 - 30 minutes straight.

> Can I use the tracks from a CD (without the vocals of course)?
Yes. We'll be set up for you to sing or play to your CD tracks. Plan on 
bringing a CD track to sing to.  You may also play your own guitar - keys - 
accompaniment or hire a band.  Call (615)  504.8432 for details.

> How do I get into the showcases?
 information.  First apply, then pay your Expedited Review fee.  
Either submit your EPK, MySpace, or U.S. mail your packet for review. Approved 
applicants  register for showcases.  Get your Application in early.

> I write gospel and sing pop.  May I showcase in more than one category? 
Yes, you may apply in up to two categories total.  Since there are very
different subcategories, you could enter, for example, 
Dancer - dance - hiphop
Artist - singer - gospel
Artist - singer - pop/AC
Artist - gospel  
Artist - country/Americana - bluegrass
Songwriter  - gospel

> Who showcases on Saturday?
Finalist playoff is Saturday eventing following the Saturday showcases.
If you are chosen as a finalist, you showcase Saturday in the finalist 
playoff.  Trophy winners and contestants may do a final performance of one 
song for TV/video filming.

* See last year's winners and changes in their careers after attending the Star Search Nashville & Trowbridge Symposium in Winners '07

* New features for 2008:
1. Expedited, immediate gratification review for EPK, MySpace, and website applicants. Expedited review for mail-in candidates. 2. Live recording - SSN '08 CD is recorded live at the event. Live video/TV shooting throughout. 3. Dance competitions. 4. New workshops in Vocal coaching, Nashville number system, Music Business workshops in topics like Press Kits, Sound Systems, Booking Gigs, and How To Get Publicity. Individual Career counseling with industry experts.

5. Executive Symposium Panel "HOW TO SUCCEED IN THIS BUSINESS OF MUSIC" Thursday evening with Banquet dinner.

6. Glamour Shots onsite for your own publicity shoot. Take your glamour shots with you on CD-ROM. Your press kit / web publicity prints by stellar photographers Dan Helland and others.

Watch for ads and announcements in your favorite zines and online in PAGAENTRY MAGAZINE, NO DEPRESSION, PERFORMING SONGWRITER, GOSPEL MUSIC TODAY, MUSIC ROW MAGAZINE and other publications.

Writer and talent/artist/band/dancer showcases run all three days Thurs - Fri - Sat. Award show and trophies Sunday. Industry representatives will be present. Gated judging by industry executives and professionals.

Showcases are limited in number. Placing applicants are awarded showcases in order received and processed.

You may showcase in multiple categories by applying for each category. Each showcase is a 15 minute slot. Stage is 12 x 16 with lights, PA, boom microphones, and CD player. You may sing or play to tracks, accompany yourself with your instrument, or bring backup players. Accompanyists and backup bands are available for hire.

[Subject to change. Changes posted on this website.]


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